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Red Billed Tropic Bird - Saba  
  History & CultureWe are in the process of developing a new interactive trail map for Saba. Click here for our existing map.

Trail Name Duration Rating
Bottom Mountain 60 minutes one-way Difficult
Bud’s Mountain 30 minutes one-way Moderate
Crispeen Track 60 minutes one-way Moderate
Flat Point 15 minutes one-way Moderate
Maskerhorne Hill 10 minutes one-way Moderate
Sulphur Mine 30 minutes one-way Moderate
Mt. Scenery 90 minutes one-way Difficult
North Coast* 240 minutes one-way Extreme
Sandy Cruz 150 minutes one-way Moderate
Spring Bay 150 minutes one-way Moderate
The Ladder 40 minutes one-way Moderate
Do not attempt to hike any of Saba’s trails without adequate footwear, clothing or water. A walking stick is invaluable (as trails can be treacherous after rainfall) and ALWAYS tell someone about your hiking plans!
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