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  Taxi ToursUpon your arrival at Saba's Port or Airport you're sure to be greeted by a warm smile from one of Saba's Taxi drivers! No worries they all know Saba like the back of their hands, whether you are staying at one of Saba's Hotels or a private residence they surely know where you need to go.

"The Road That Couldn't be Built" is a must see! Travel the length of the road in comfort with one of our friendly & knowledgeable taxi drivers! Click here for taxi rates.

Taxi #1 Willem Hassell Windwardside Mobile: 416-6474
Taxi #2 Emealie Simmons The Bottom
Mobile: 416-5452
Taxi #3 Billy Tenholt Windwardside Mobile: 416-6260
Taxi #5 Peddy Johnson Zion’s Hill Home: 416-2345
Mobile: 416-7062
Taxi #7 Carmen Cains St. Johns Home: 416-3426
Mobile: 416-6024
Taxi #10 Cornelius Richardson The Bottom Mobile: +416 9596
Taxi #11 Gloria Robinson The Bottom Mobile: 001-721-522-8449
Taxi #12 Shelly Zagers Zion's Hill Home: 416-5600
Mobile: 416-1010
Taxi #16 Joanna Hurtault The Bottom Home: 416-3073
Mobile: 416-5092
Taxi #18 Garvis Hassell Zion’s Hill Mobile: 416-6114
Taxi #19 Wayne Peterson Booby Hill Home: 416-2277
Mobile: 416-7170

Taxi #20 Eddie Peterson Windwardside Home: 416-2640
Mobile: 416-7252
Taxi #25 Donna Cain Booby Hill Home: 416-2607
Mobile: 416-6266
Taxi #26 George Wilson St John’s Home: 416-3367
Mobile: 416-6103
Taxi #27 Rodney Swanepoel Windwardside Mobile: 416-5971

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