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  History & CultureSaba has four main villages, The Bottom (Saba's capital), Windwardside, St. John's & Zion's Hill (A.k.a. "Hell's Gate"). All are well kept and bristling with old Caribbean charm... Gingerbread houses with immaculate gardens and clean and safe streets await your exploration: easy to loose track of the day whilst meandering through...

The Bottom - SabaThe Bottom
The Bottom is Saba's capital and the seat of Saba's Government. Along with government and medical facilities you'll also find The Saba School of Medicine (Medical students and faculty make up almost a quarter of the islands entire population!). You'll also discover several small restaurants, bars and grocery stores. As you drive from the bottom to Well's bay, you'll see the old customs house that sits atop "The Ladder", the rugged steps that formed Saba's route to and from the sea long before the road was built. Climb up and down the steps once and you'll get a true appreciation of how tough life was for the Sabans, back in the day...

The Village of WinwardsideWindwardside

Out of all the villages WIndwardside is the most tourist orientated. Drop by The Saba Tourist Bureau and say hello, you'll be within close proximity of six of the island's hotels and home to many vacation rental cottages You'll have no trouble passing a day wandering through small streets, investigating the museum & shops, a bite to eat is never far away... If you're up for some exercise pay a trip to the trail shop, pick up a map and a keepsake and then ascend the Mt. Scenery Trail to climb to the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands! You can take a virtual tour of the village with this interactive map. Some businesses have changed but it's still fun to look around!

The Village of St. John's on the island of SabaSt. John's
St John’s is one of Saba’s smaller villages. Before entering our Capital the Bottom you must drive through this quaint neighborhood. Here you can ask your Taxi to make stops to capture some of our best scenic shots on the island. On a very clear day you can see our neighboring islands St Eustatius, St Kitts, Nevis and, if you’re really lucky, even Montserrat! From this vantage point high above the Caribbean Sea, ships and boats can be seen coming and going to Fort Bay Harbor.. St. John’s played a big role in the island’s history, if a vessel was approaching someone from the village would signal to residents in the Bottom to let them know visitors would soon arrive. Be sure to check out Crispeen trail it will certainly take you back in time and give you a real feeling of the old St John’s.
Zion's Hill (A.k.a. Hell's Gate) Saba Dutch Caribbean
Zion's Hill (A.k.a. Hell's Gate)
Zion's Hill is the first town you'll reach after leaving the Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport. Hell's Gate was officially named "Zion's Hill" after complaints from the church forced the Island's government to change the name. However, "Hell's Gate" is still used by many Sabans and visiting tourists today. Hell's Gate is home to the Holy Rosary Church, a stone structure built in 1962, as well as a community center where visitors can purchase locally made Saba Lace, also called Spanish Work, and Saba Spice, a locally produced and very potent spiced rum. Hell's Gate is about 1000 feet above sea level. Lower Hell's Gate is home to a now-closed sulfur mine where visitors may explore with caution. Hell's Gate is also the start to the Crispin trail which one can take. The trail takes roughly 2 hours to complete and gives stunning views of Diamond Rock and the Saban coastline.

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