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Art by Els Mommers - Saba  
  Art by Els Mommers - SabaEls Mommers-Bruijnzeels
Els Mommers-Bruijnzeels is one of the most talented fiber artists in the Caribbean.

She was born in Holland where she earned a Masters degree in textile art and art education; she then taught fine art in Holland before moving to Saba in 1987. Els spent 10 years teaching art at the Saba Comprehensive School before opening El Momo Cottages with her husband Gied; she also ran El Momo Folk Art from 1998-2009.

Now working from her studio on Troy Hill, Els continues to push the boundaries in the esoteric world of fiber art and creates pieces that are influenced by her lush Caribbean environment.

Art by Els MommersWhilst textiles are her medium of choice, Els is also an accomplished painter in acrylics.

She has a working studio and small museum / gallery, nestled high on the slopes of Troy Hill, with inspirational views of the Caribbean Sea. In the gallery she exhibits
molas, produced by the Kuna Indians, as well as examples of her work; and in her studio she teaches workshops for people of all levels, from beginners to pro’s.

Just give her a call at: +5994163375 or +5994165916 or email:

You can follow her on her blog at:

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